Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tasty Tempeh Meatloaf

When I hear the word meatloaf, it always brings thoughts of my Grandpa to the forefront.  Whenever we'd visit as kids he'd be busy in the kitchen making a meatloaf.  It was never the same twice.  He had a habit of throwing any leftovers from the fridge into it.  Once there were even green beans in the meatloaf.  We came to call it "mixed loaf" as he just mixed up whatever he could find to add to the ground beef.

I've read that a good way to make vegan meatloaf is to use grated tempeh.  If you search the internet there are a lot of different recipes, some making large batches and some small.  Some use spicy sriracha sauce and others a lot of ketchup.

I decided to try and make my own hybrid variety loosely based on some of the others.  I wanted a small batch since it is just the two of us.  It turned out pretty darn good for a first attempt. SpartanBabe, I think this would be good using the sausage seasoning mix you were going to buy.

My husband enjoyed the meal as well, and said it was a 'do over'.  In man-speak this means 'please make it again'.  The next time I make it I am going to press it into my Texas size muffin pan so that we have individual portions rather than trying to slice it.  I used to do that with traditional meatloaf and it works quite well.  This batch made 2 good sized dinner portions with a small portion for lunch leftover.



1 - 8oz pkg of Tempeh (I used soy tempeh)
1 cup Quick Oats
1 small Onion, minced
2 Tbsp Nutritional Yeast
1 Tbsp Herbs de Provence
1 Tsp Fennel Seeds
1 Tsp Granulated Garlic
2 Tbsp Low Sodium Soy Sauce or Tamari
2 Tbsp Spicy Dijon Mustard
4 Tbsp spicy BBQ Sauce


1.  Heat over to 350˚F (177˚C) and spray a loaf pan or large muffin pan with non-stick cooking spray. I like to use the Trader Joe's Olive Oil Spray.

2.  In medium size mixing bowl add the oats and grate the tempeh using a cheese grater.  Mix those two together, then add onion, nutritional yeast, Herbs de Provence, fennel seeds and granulated garlic.  Mix again.

(Oats, grated tempeh, onion and dry spices)
3.  Add soy sauce, dijon mustard and BBQ sauce.  Stir together then let rest at least 5 minutes to let flavors incorporate and tempeh soften.

(All ingredients mixed together)
4.  Spoon into loaf or muffin pan and press very hard packing into the corners.

(Ready for the oven)
5.  Bake 30 minutes until golden brown on top.  Remove from oven and let cool for 10 minutes to firm up.

(Fresh from the oven)
6.  Run a knife around the edge and turn over onto a serving plate.

(Ready for serving)
7.  Slice and serve with mashed potatoes and gravy.

(Get in my belly)

** After eating dinner I was thinking of the leftovers for lunch the next day and maybe putting triple ginger sauce on it since there wasn't any leftover gravy.  This really got me thinking that I could do several versions of this recipe.  One with grated ginger and sesame seeds and maybe water chestnuts served with steamed whole edamame pods on the side as an Asian version.  Or one with curry powder and turmeric served with dal on the side for a taste of India.  Just a few thoughts going through my mind at how versatile this recipe could potentially be.

- Au Revoir

"If we aren't willing to settle for junk living, we certainly shouldn't settle for junk food." - Sally Edwards

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