Thursday, September 26, 2013

Easy Vegan Waffles

The weekend is coming - time for lazy mornings and waffles for brunch.

I haven't tried these waffles with a gluten free flour, but they work well with whole wheat or unbleached white flour.

It can be hard to find a pancake or waffle recipe that doesn't have any eggs and doesn't have a tough texture, but I think this one works well.  

I chose raw sugar with the large crystals to try and mimic the caramelized sugar in the authentic liege waffles at Off the Waffle in Eugene.  We ate there before going vegan two years ago and their waffles were delicious.

Warning - the pictures in this post are not great as the lighting was all wrong.  I'll just have to make the waffles again to take different pictures.

(Waffle topped with natural peanut butter, blueberries and vegan cool whip)


1-1/4 cup Whole Wheat Flour
2 Tbsp Raw Sugar
2 tsp Baking Powder
1-1/4 c cool Water
1/2 tsp Cinnamon
1-2 Tbsp Oil (optional)


1.  Turn on waffle maker and pre-heat.

2.  In medium/small mixing bowl combine flour, sugar, baking powder, and cinnamon and whisk with a wire whisk a few times.

3.  Pour in water and oil (if using oil) and stir until wet and dry are incorporated. The waffles are a bit more tender when using oil.

4.  Spray hot waffle iron with non-stick cooking spray and place a large spoon or two of batter onto the hot waffle iron and cook.

**I use a Waring Pro Waffle Maker purchased from Costco a few years ago.  I find I need to turn the heat up a little and cook just a little longer for a crisp waffle.  Without the eggs they are naturally not as crisp as non-vegan waffles and the extra heat helps to crisp them.

This batch makes 4 small or 3 large waffles - perfect for two people.

- Bon Appetit

" A waffle is like a pancake with a syrup trap." - Mitch Hedberg


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    1. Waffles, not just for breakfast...... I have seen non-vegan recipes for savory ones with cheese and herbs in them. I am thinking I may have to try and covert one to vegan at some point.