Monday, December 22, 2014

Spicy Winter Soup

I like to make this soup when it is rainy or cold outside.  The spices have a tendency to warm you from the inside out.

While I use one chipotle pepper in adobo for the recipe, feel free to use more or less.  I can tell you that 2 makes for a really spicy soup, almost too spicy.  It just depends on your tastes.  When buying cans of fire roasted tomatoes I always choose the no salt added ones.  If you can't find the no salt added cans, you may want to cut down on the bouillon so the soup is not too salty.

It makes quite a large pot.  Enough for a large family dinner or a few dinners and lunches.  It is good served with tortilla chips or cornmeal muffins.


2 Carrots, sliced
1 cup chopped Celery
1 Onion, peeled and diced
1 Green Pepper, cored and diced
4 cloves Garlic, peeled and minced
4 cups Water with 3 tsp 'No Chicken' Bouillon  
   or Vegetable Bouillon
1 - 25 oz can Black Beans, drained and rinsed 
   (or two 15 oz cans)
2 - 15 oz cans Fire Roasted Tomatoes
1-1/2 cups frozen Corn Kernels
1 tsp Cumin
1 tsp Chili Powder
1 tsp Italian Seasoning
2 Bay Leaves


1.  In large soup pot add a 1/4 cup of water and saute the chopped carrots, celery, onion, green pepper, and garlic a few minutes until soft.

2.  In large measuring cup, mix the 4 cups water with the vegetable or no chicken bouillon until the bouillon is dissolved.

3.  To the sauteed vegetables add the no chicken or veggie stock, black beans, canned tomatoes, frozen corn, cumin, chili powder, chili in adobo, Italian seasoning, and bay leaves.

4.  Bring to a boil.  Reduce heat to simmer, cover and cook for 30-45 minutes until the soup thickens, the flavors have mingled and the veggies are completely cooked.  Stir occasionally to monitor thickness.  

5.  Serve with tortilla chips, cornmeal muffins, or biscuits.  If you've made it a little too spicy you can top the bowls with a little vegan sour cream to cut the heat or add in extra tomatoes.

Bon Appetit

"  Chipotles, which are dried jalapeno peppers, give out a terrific smoky flavor - they're warm, earthy and usually not too spicy." - Yotam Ottolenghi

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